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SwissOne's branding leverages the pedigree of traditional finance with an exciting, forward-looking flair. Three messaging pillars orient the marketing, creating a persuasive voice underpinned by an ambitious vision for the future.


We capitalize on our titular nationality. The marketing captures established perceptions of a Swiss brand: secure, luxurious, elegance, prestigious, and resourceful. This homage occurs through relevant and evocative Swiss imagery.

Rather than proposition hollow spectacle, SwissOne presents itself as a judicious, well-researched company. The brand‘s voice is authoritative, persuasive, elegant and objective when possible..

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'Own The Future' Campaign

A tactically deployed piece of the Own The Future directive puts cryptocurrency and thereby SwissOne funds on par with humanity’s most stunning feats. This lofty spectacle will be used sparingly, in content primed for a touch of grandeur. Website banners, hype ads, even physical placements can paint a vision of the future by highlighting triumphs of the past. The campaign invites you to consider man’s technological conquest of the heavens themselves: our skyscrapers duel with the clouds, our satellite’s watch over the very earth. And now, digital assets managed by SwissOne promise a new evolution. The campaign provokes the visionary, urging them to consider what lies ahead.

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