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Crafting a beautiful e-commerce website for a line of Japanese cosmetics that bring balance to your life.

Kitu Cosmetics



Snape Singer Group were approached for their creative skills and knowledge of Ecommerce to support Kitu Cosmetics with the launch of their brand and range of skincare products in Europe.

Founded by two young and innovative entrepreneurs, Kitu Cosmetics is a vegan and organic skincare company. Their products are made in Kyoto, the birthplace of healing, and have a camphor base which is a terpene known for its miraculous physical and metaphysical purification qualities. As a new brand, they were looking for a digital partner that could help them bring their ideas into reality.

Design took its inspiration from Japanese culture with a modern western twist that was designed to appeal to audiences in North America and Europe.


With the competition being high in cosmetics, the art direction focused on the unique attributes of the brand and products, making use of animation, illustrative elements, creative photography, and a minimalist black-and-white monochromatic palette drawn from the products and packaging design to deliver a memorable online shopping experience.

Web & Mobile

We created an intuitive, animated and easy-to-use website that transports you to Japan and connects you with your inner self.

Now, we continue to work closely with Kitu Cosmetics from both a marketing and website support perspective, building on top of what we’ve already done to continue looking for opportunities for improvement.

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